Feeding Therapy Sevices in Greater Chicago by Chicago Feeding Therapy

Our innovative Feeding Therapy services help children with feeding disturbances learn to eat a balanced diet and experience less stress during mealtimes – ensuring healthier habits for the rest of their lives.

Using a multidisciplinary feeding therapy evaluation, our trained therapists create a plan that meets your child’s individual needs. Our non-invasive, supportive approach helps resolve your child’s feeding issues through a process of systematic desensitization and incorporates parent education and home practice, which are a vital part of the treatment.

Feeding consultations and therapies are available for children of all ages.

Warning Signs of a Problem Feeder
(refer for an evaluation if 2 or more are present)

•Ongoing poor weight gain or weight loss
•Ongoing choking, gagging or coughing, vomiting during meals
•History of nasal or gastric reflux
•History of a traumatic choking incident
•Inability to make age appropriate food transitions
•Aversion or avoidance of all foods in specific texture or food group
•Eats fewer than 20 different foods.
•An infant who cries and/or arches at most meals
•Family mealtimes feel like battles

If your child might benefit from a feeding therapy screening or evaluation by a speech and feeding therapist, and you would like a professional opinion, contact Karen George at Chicago Feeding Therapy by calling 312-399-0370 or by clicking on the button at the upper-right section of this page. Chicago Feeding Therapy responds to all inquiries.

Chicago Feeding Therapy is a renowned, in-home feeding therapy clinic founded by speech-language pathologist and feeding therapy expert Karen George. Karen started Chicago Feeding Therapy to address the unmet needs of families who desire in-home, private feeding therapy in Chicago. Karen and her team address feeding issues with children as young as a few months up through school-aged children. Karen is the author of several booklets including one specifically addressing feeding therapy.